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"Tell me all the bad words you know. Go."


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One more day til home, two more days til Disney!!!

So excited :)


My friends Ashely and Matt got married this past weekend.

Ashely and Matt have season passes to Disneyland and spend at least one night a week riding the rides around both parks. They especially love the rides that take photos and would come up with new ideas for funny poses. One of their must-ride rides is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure Park.

This is where Matt decided to propose to Ashley.

It took a lot of planning: creating the signs, passing them out to friends and family, getting an elevator car all to themselves, having everyone sit in just the right place, opening them in time for the photo and putting them away before the ride ended… all while keeping it a secret from Ashely!. Fortunately the ride attendants were more than happy to help because no one had ever thought to propose on this specific ride before.

Matt was understandably worried (that’s him checking the signs during the ride) but it all worked out perfectly. Once the ride ended Ashely ran out as usual to go see the photo. She arrived early and was staring at the screen as the photo appeared and just… stared. I think she was trying to process it. Then she looked down to see Matt kneeling in front of her with a ring. She screamed.

And, of course, she also said yes!

At their wedding reception they had the above display showing the original banners as well as a copy of the photo they purchased for everyone to see. Oh, and did I mention their wedding was at Disneyland too?

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